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A note from the CEO of iYYU

17 May 2020

Towards a modern society

Amsterdam, 17 May 2020

by Jake Blok

Calling all global citizens. Calling upon you. Reset and restart.

Today we go towards a modern society and ask you to join us.

Envision a people first society. A society that embraces all the good that ‘connectivity’ brings us. A society in which human rights are the norm; especially in this time, the human right to privacy. A more attention aware society. A society in which all members can freely connect and stay in contact with those important to them. A sustainable society. A society in which we wish future generations to want to live in. A society that embraces technology for the good. A society, when you are online and ‘connected’ you decide what happens with your person data. A society that enables all members to be themselves.

Today, we call upon you to be aware that you are contributing to the society of tomorrow with every step you take online. Every time you log on. With every message you send.

You are unique. You are beauty. You have dignity. We are social. Let us protect the environment we live in. Yes technology can bring advancement. However, it has always been the case that the value of technology is determined by how it is used. You create the value. You give others your trust. You endorse services by using them. You have an enormous effect on investment decisions being made in ‘modernising’ society. If you believe this then now is a perfect moment to reset and restart. 

Today, on the 17th of May, the United Nations is also calling upon the world to ‘celebrate’ the ‘World Telecommunication and Information Society Day’ (WTISD). Since 1969 the purpose of this day, WTISD, is 'to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of the Internet and other information and communication technologies can bring to societies and economies, as well as of ways to bridge the digital divide'.

Yes we love the great stuff the Internet has brought us. This tool, however is advancing rapidly in society. And as we make ‘convenience versus privacy’ decisions every day, it is crucial now more than ever to remain critical of what we expect of the tools we are using. This is an important reason why we are calling upon you, a modern thinking citizen. We believe you and all society members should demand an Internet that caters the rise of what we would like to call the Attention Society in which people are first again.

We want to play an important role in this transition. A transition you could view as an Internet going from ‘Internet for Information’ to ‘Internet for Interaction’. Transition is inspiring. Every transition brings new players. Different thinking. A transition can ‘rock’ us. It can give us new foundations. On the 9th of August 2018 we founded a little start up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Today, on the 17th of May 2020, we officially launch our contribution to the modern society. A ‘tool’ to help you to connect and stay in contact with those important to you in a modern way. A privacy aware communication platform. A platform that puts you central. If ‘you are a profile’ online, then you should be able to control who sees what. Just like in real life when you interact with one person in a certain way and with another person in another way. In going ‘beta’ we are opening up to the world. To you. You give us value. You can decide to give us your trust. It is up to us to deliver upon our promise. A promise to work hard to give you, the world, the best tool for external communication. We need your feedback. We call upon your curiosity. We ask you to ‘reset’ your thinking when using the existing (social) media tooling. The time has come for all of us to 'press the reset button' when it comes to appreciating and making use of connectivity in society.

With great pleasure and with enormous respect for the team and with big love for all those that have supported us to reach this moment - You know who you are - and hopefully with great excitement in welcoming all of you to move forward with us, we from iYYU present to you … iYYU.com.

iYYU is from ‘i’ to ‘You’ and from ‘You’ to ‘Us’. It is pronounced “IYOOU”.

You are beauty. You are social. You have dignity. You have control. Stand up for basic human rights. For professional purposes we hope iYYU.com can help you start connecting and staying in contact with customers, partners, fans, members, subscribers, citizens, investors in a modern way. For use in a non professional context, we offer a private mode.

Join us, log on and help shape the modern society.

Jake Blok

Co-founder and CEO iYYU

“I prefer to use iYYU.com to stay in contact. Feel free to follow my notes on https://iyyu.com/vi/jake-blok."

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